About 1240 East

The 1240 East Journey

After years of running a successful hand-made shop, Marichiel and Dan Boudwin saw a glaring need in the online marketplace: 

A place to find quality, handmade goods and gifts for men. 

As the next step in their journey, the innovative husband and wife team founded 1240 East – a curated online platform that takes the effort out of finding small-batch, handmade goods and gifts that speak to the everyday man. 

The unique, small batch goods featured in our store are crafted with natural material such as leather, wood, metal, stone, and canvas/cloth. Working with earthy, environmental-friendly resources assures that our products are designed and constructed with both style and sustainability in mind. 

Our goal with 1240 East is to re-introduce transparency, accountability, and quality into the purchasing process. By carefully vetting all of the artisans featured in the store, our customers are assured that their goods are made with quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and keen attention to detail. 

1240 East doesn’t want to compete against the Amazons and Etsys of the world. Our advantage lies in a unique curation process that connects our customers directly with the artisans creating the goods. 

When it comes to buying high-quality, handmade gifts for men, knowledge is power. The visibility into sourcing, materials and craftsmanship gives our customers greater agency over their purchasing choices. 

Quality Handmade Gifts for Men

What separates 1240 East in a crowded online marketplace is our commitment to quality. 

Quality sourcing. 

Quality materials. 

Quality craftsmanship. 

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Consumers in the digital marketplace are increasingly faced with misleading information about the origin of their products. Too often, goods advertised as “handmade” may not touch a human hand during the creation process.  

Unlike the corporate giants who dominate the online marketplace, 1240 East places emphasis on the story behind each product. We source products from a rotating collection of independent designers, each who bring their own unique style and personality to their work. 

Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, you are invited to follow along with the journey of your product from its creation to the moment it reaches your front doorstep. It’s this visibility and transparency that guarantees our customers will receive the highest quality products. 

Our Community

We believe that community starts with connection. When you buy a handmade men’s gift from our store, you are connected with a talented artisan hand-selected by 1240 East for their style, skill and story. 

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It’s critical to us that we develop lasting relationships with not only our customers, but our brilliant product creators. By giving an opportunity to lesser-known creators, we are not only shining a light on undiscovered talent, but offering our customers the chance to procure a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.  

A wallet is a wallet. A whisky glass is a whisky glass. 

These products only become something more when infused with personality and story that you can only get from a handmade gift. When you join our community, you know you are getting something more than a wallet or a whisky glass. 

You are getting quality. You are getting community. You are getting a story.  

Here’s to sharing many stories with you in the future, 

~Dan & Marichiel